Useful Golf Putting Tips For Lower Scoring

By Leslie Bakarovich

One of the biggest aspects of golf is putting and it can make a significant impact on your scoring if you learn to putt well. Almost anyone can learn to putt well as most people have the physical talent, it is just a matter of learning to master a particular technique and then learning to think well on the greens. There are many different putting styles and techniques out there so it is easy to get confused as to what can work well for you. You should pick one main technical approach and then fine tune it but do not switch mechanical approaches just because you had a few bad putts last time you played.

Aim to make every putt:


It is important that no matter how long the putt may be you should always try to make it as this will reduce your margin for error. For very long putts, see the putt drop in the hole in last rotation or two so this way your misses will be a lot closer than if you aimed for a 3 foot circle. There are many different putting techniques and styles out there so the key is to pick one approach that you like so if you are a beginner then simply either take a lesson from a local golfing pro or watch the pros on television and copy someone whose technique you like.

Even the best putters in the world miss easy putts. It is important to learn to forget the misses quickly and focus on trusting your stroke on every putt. Develop a selective memory and focus on remembering your best putts and forgetting the misses. There are also many putters out there you can use and each of them are unique and have a different feel. Do not constantly change putters because it takes time to adjust to a new putter. Pick one putter you like and stick with it. This also applies to golf balls as they can differ greatly in feel and spin so make sure to pick a particular golf ball model and make and stick with that.

It is important to learn to keep the mind quiet when putting or hitting any golf shot and to focus on the target. Thinking too much is one of the main causes of the putting yips so it is important to learn to keep your mind quiet. Learn about meditation and do various meditative exercises as these will teach you to control your thoughts better which will help you to be a better putter and golfer. Learn to make every putt a straight putt so if you think the putt will break 2 feet to the right then pick a spot 2 feet to the left of the hole and focus on that before hitting the putt. Short putts are very important to master since if you are very good at short putting then this will translate into better long putting since you will not be afraid to miss as you know most of the time you will make the putt coming back. Try some of these tips to help you learn how to improve your golf putting skills.

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