Finding Replacement Dinnerware Pieces

Finding Replacement Dinnerware Pieces


Misty Cryer

Replacement dinnerware is not easy to find. Over time, it is nearly impossible to keep from breaking or cracking one dish or the other, and sadly most manufacturers will discontinue a particular pattern after a few years.

Do you have a favorite dinner ware set that has missing pieces? The good news is it is not impossible to replace that bone china cup or precious dinner plate from your Grandmother’s collection. You simply need to know where to look and how to identify what you are looking for!Pattern Identification

The first thing you need to know is how to identify the pattern or manufacturer of your dishes. Most people do not know, that generally speaking, china manufacturers will stamp the bottom of the dishes with identifiers. There will be identifying information for the manufacturer, pattern and sometimes even the date of release. In some cases, this identifier will be a number sequence. As you prepare to search for missing pieces make a note of this information as well as the pieces to be replaced.Manufacturer

The best place to begin your search for replacement dinner ware pieces is the manufacturer. In the digital age, the internet will be a good source of information regarding manufacturers. In some cases, it will be obvious who created the pieces, but when the identifiers are numbers, your search becomes a bit more complicated. You may need to consult an antiques dealer or similar professional to locate information on extremely old or rare patterns.Locating Pieces

You have several options for finding old pattern dinner ware and while the internet should be your first stop, it is by no means the only place you can search. Local garage sales, flea markets and even local auctions are great places to look for replacement dinner ware. When you find a potential piece in one of these venues, it is important that you examine them carefully for damage, chips, cracks and fading patterns. Whenever possible negotiate the sale price, and use any damage as a negotiating point.Internet Sales

Online auctions and sales ads will be another good source of missing dinner ware pieces. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with online sales, particularly with used pieces, you will not have the opportunity to examine the pieces before purchasing. Take your time and ask the seller for detailed pictures whenever possible before buying dinner ware, you should also ask questions about the dishes.


Just like, there are organizations for sports fans, sewing and reading there are collectors clubs that could be invaluable to your search for missing dinner ware pieces. Join a local or online collector’s organization and then network with other members; you may be surprised at what you will find.Conclusion

With a little work and creativity, you should be able to put most dinner ware collections back together. Of course, the older the pieces the more difficult and potentially expensive your journey will be, but in the end re-assembling your great aunts fine bone china will be worth the effort. Even if you do not have family heirlooms, a complete set of dishes is worth more money. About Author

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