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Because I am an expert on Hyperinflation and the economic crisis we are facing, today I am going to cover the Top ways to survive hyperinflation and I think this is very important because we are on the cusp of hyperinflation, probably within the next 6 to 9 months and you can even see the effects starting now. Number one is I would go for assessing your biggest expenses monthly. Usually your housing cost, look at if there is a way to reduce what you are spending on your housing. I have actually eliminated my entire housing cost by moving in with relatives. There are ways you can chip in when you live with friends or family that are not necessarily financial. You can offer to fix up the house, you can offer to fix up the yard. There are other ways you can contribute to another family if you decide to if you decide to share a residence.

Food…food is a big expenditure and one of the best ways you can reduce that expenditure is by limiting how much you eat out. Many people spend anywhere from $500.00 to $1000.00 by just eating out. There is a way that you can reduce that by just limiting how often you go out to eat. Also look at the programs in your area that help people, especially people on low income that help people with food. There are a lot of resources and you have to do your research but there are a lot of ways to supplement your food expenses. Transportation is another big cost with the insurance that goes along with it.

Take a look at reducing the number of cars that you own. If you have three, go to two, if you have two see if you can go to one. Try to enjoy things that are closer to home, within walking distance and within biking distance. If you cut your cars from two to one, that will already will be a huge savings, overall.

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Another thing to look at is your debt. Is there a way to refinance your debt to make lower monthly payments? Basically with hyperinflation what you want is debt with a low interest rate dragged out as long as possible. So take a look at your finances. Are they set up that way?

Look at your debt. Is there a way to refinance your debt to make lower monthly payments? Basically with hyperinflation what you want is debt with a low interest rate dragged out as long as possible. So take a look at your finances. Are they set up that way?

Stop buying things brand new. There are many ways to buy everything in your house second hand at deep discounts. Were talking 80-90% of what you would buy it at a store for. The way you get those are looking on Craigslist, going to Ebay and going to yard sales and garage sales. Look at buying things wholesale. Stop buying things retail, stop spending the extra income and start using the money that you save from all of these expenditures and put it into hard assets that will keep there appreciation when hyperinflation comes. It could be a matter of LIFE OR DEATH!

This might not have so much to do with hyperinflation but look to increasing your income opportunities. Start looking at new sources of income. Start opening your mind and looking for opportunities. Of course I can’t tell you what you can do to make more income but start looking in your local community and start asking questions. Start opening your mind. Start looking at ways to earn additional income. It could be a second job, it could be collecting cans, bottles, it could be selling things at your local swap meet. Look at ways that you can earn additional income so you can take that income and bank it into something solid like silver and gold.

Number three is transfer your dollars, your cash into hard assets. Look at gold, look at silver. Check out your local coin shop and start developing relationships to people who buy and sell gold, buy and sell silver. Take a look at some of the online sites that sell it. Also look at highly trade-able necessities. Cigarettes are going to be in demand. People are stocking canned goods, they are stocking cigarettes, they are stocking alcohol. Remember, the more liquidity that your item has…meaning..well let’s say your storing gold, that’s very liquid. You can go to a coin shop and sell it very quickly, the higher multiple value it will have. So your going to see as you own real items, the items that are more liquid are the items that are going to be items that have a higher multiple of value associated with them. So in the past we have looked at large inventories of a weak sign of business. Its going to be turned on its head. Right now as a family you need to start storing up large inventories of items that you need on a daily basis. When you go to Walmart, when you go to Target, when you go to the grocery store, instead of buying a normal amount, take the money that you have been saving by cutting your expenditures and

now double up or triple up of what you normally buy and then get into the garage and put some pallets up, put some shelving up and start filling your entire garage with items that you are going to need for the inflationary depression. You are either going to be able to use these items or you are going to be able to barter them for items that you do need.

More to come, Peace, G4T

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