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By Jessica S

Energy Smoothies are a great way to perk yourself up in the morning or get a little boost mid-day.

To make one of the greatest fruit smoothie recipes there is, all you need is:

– 2 fresh, peeled and chopped Kiwis

– 2 ripe Bananas

– 1 Pear, peeled and chopped.

– 2 Kiwi flavored, or plain flavored yogurts. The smallest size you can find is great.

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You want to take all of the ingredients above, and throw them into the blender. This is one of the best fruit smoothie recipes that you can use for energy.

If you look at the children, running in circles and screaming at the top of their lungs and wish that you had just a bit of their energy, this is a great smoothie for you.

Simply chop all the fruits, and place the yogurt and fruits in the blender. Mix for about forty seconds, and then smooth for around ten or fifteen seconds.

This smoothie is rich, deep, and a bit tangy. It has an excellent flavor and if you chill it before you drink it, it is absolutely one of the most delicious fruit smoothie recipes ever.

If you’re serving this smoothie to guests, you can really dress it up by pouring it into tall, chilled glasses and adding a fresh sprig of mint to each glass for garnish.

The best resource for fruit smoothie recipes is

Another one of the best fruit smoothie recipes just calls for a few ingredients.

– 2 cups of chopped Watermelon – make sure you get those seeds out or you’ll be cussing when you go to drink your smoothie.

– 1 cup of fresh Raspberries

– 2 scoops of your favorite no frills ice cream

You will take the fruits and place them in the blender first. Mix these well for around twenty seconds, then add your ice cream.

Mix for an extra ten seconds, and enjoy! This is one of the tastiest fruit smoothie recipes ever.

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