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By Tom Dawson

In these ever increasing difficult times, more and more people are finding it difficult to keep their heads above the water, and struggling to survive from pay cheque to pay cheque. This makes it extremely difficult to deal with any financial emergencies that usually crop up when you least need them.

Imagine what you would do if your car went wrong and you did not have any money put aside to get it repaired. Or your boiler packed decided to stop working in the middle of a cold spell. These are situations that do happen and need to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. If your car is not working and you rely on it to get you to work, it has to be repaired pretty damn quick.

Most conventional loan types take too long to arrange to make the viable as a means of dealing with such a situation. This is where payday loans come in!

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A payday loan is a short-term loan that can be taken out within an hour of applying for it. This makes this type of loan ideal for dealing with an emergency situation that needs to be resolved the same day it happens. The loan is repaid in full the next time that you get paid, hence the term payday loan.

Applying for payday loan could not be easier, simply find a payday loans website using your favourite search engine and complete the quick and easy form. The lender will need to know your address and employment details, and also how much you earn. They will also need a valid email address landline and mobile telephone number. Alternatively you could let your fingers do the walking and go through your local yellow pages and call the lender direct.

To qualify for one of these instant cash payday loans you will need to be aged eighteen or over and employed with an income of 750 per month or more. You will also need to have a bank account that your salary is paid into, which must have a debit card attached to it. This ensures that the lender will get their money back when you next get paid.

The lenders usually charge a flat fee per 100 that you borrow; this means that you know exactly how much your loan is going to cost you right from the very beginning. Also because you repay the loan in full when you next get paid you do not have to dramatically change your long-term budget to accommodate regular repayments.

So if you have a financial emergency that jumps on you, and you do not have the financial clout to deal with it, a payday loan is a great option. Or in fact whatever you need access to a quick cash injection to tide you over until you receive your next pay cheque. The ease at which they can be arranged and the speed at which you have access to your cash, are making this type of loan one of the most popular loan types currently available.

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By Suzie OConnor

The housing market has been taking a big hit these past few years. Between fluctuating PLRs and the current credit crunch, buying a home can be a challenge. Have you considered a home in the rural areas of our great country? Well, you can finance your new home with a USDA government loan.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a division called the RHS (Rural Housing Service) that offers a complete range of services to home buyers. The idea behind this rural housing movement is to help develop rural communities. Community services like clinics, child care services, fire departments, police and schools are dependent on property taxes as a source.

The RHS offers guaranteed loans, direct loans and grants for several purposes. Among these are purchasing a home, building a new home or repairing/renovating an existing home. Applicants need to meet a set of criteria based on income. The limits are very liberal and are attainable.

Rates start at 4.5% for low income applicants regardless of what the PLR is at the time of the purchase.

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For the north central area of Florida, this is an excellent opportunity for consumers. This is especially true for first time homebuyers in the area of north central Florida. At the present time, housing prices are down and it is a good time to buy in this area. The USDA loan parameters make this a prime program.

First, north central Florida is not significantly affected by hurricanes. The areas to the east and west are where the real danger is located. As a result, hurricane insurance is available at lower rates. This makes the area very attractive for many buyers in many situations; especially first time buyers.

The USDA loans are available for not only a purchase, but to build a brand new home OR repair an existing home OR renovate an existing home. Imagine the possibilities of being able to purchase a property at tax sale prices and using the remainder of the loan money to renovate the property to your liking. Literally, you could have the home of your dreams for a song.

The level of your income is not a factor either. The loans are available at differing rates for differing levels of financial responsibility. The dividing lines for the rates are determined by the area the home is located in. For instance, a moderate income level in Alachua county Florida will differ from the same moderate income level in Dade county Florida.

The USDA’s Rural Housing Service web page has a full table of these levels. You can actually look at properties in separate locations and pick the one that best fits your pocket. It is actually possible to get the house you have always dreamed of at a price you NEVER thought possible.

Add the fact that the coastlines are accessible in either direction by car. A couple of hours west and you are at the Gulf Coast, go east and there?s the Atlantic Ocean.

So if you are looking at homes in the north central Florida area, take a serious look at USDA rural home loans. Great for first time buyers from all walks of life.

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