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Top Destinations to Spend Your Christmas and New Year


TravelurDecember is the most awaited holiday season. A cozy family dinner or drinks with friends sure sounds good. But let your imaginations run wild this year. Think of standing in the middle of beautifully lit Times Square with thousands of people counting down for the clock to strike 12 or even better, imagine watching the fireworks at the iconic Eiffel Tower in the most romantic city in the world.With the year ending, everyone wishes to set out to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones and ring in the New Year in the most spectacular fashion. We have a perfect list to plan your perfect holiday with 10 best Christmas and New Year destinations you cannot miss.1. New York City, New York2. London, England3. Petersburg, Russia4. Sydney, Australia5. Valparaiso, Chile6. Vienna, Austria7. Edinburgh, Scotland8. Bahamas9. Bangkok, Thailand10. Las VegasBook your trip to Las Vegas here.Las Vegas is the spectacular city where dreams come true and you live life king size. It’s a resort city that boasts of its majestic and dazzling nightlife with its 24-hour casinos and fine dining restaurants. It’s also famed for its Las Vegas Strip’, which is about 6.8 km. long. Las Vegas is rightly nicknamed as the Entertainment Capital of the World’. It has something for everyone, be it the music concerts, art displays, museums or its theatres. So even if you are not too fussed up about the casinos, there are more options than you can choose from. These include outdoor escapades like race car driving, zip lining, skydiving and a wide range of activities that you can indulge in and spoil yourself. The other main attractions in Las Vegas include the iconic Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, Red Rock Canyon that you can visit if you opt for our Las Vegas vacation packages.Las Vegas is also known as the Wedding capital of the World’ as hundreds of couples tie their knots in this beautiful city with its marvelous wedding chapels. It’s a perfect dream destination for honeymooners all across the world. So couples can go through our Las Vegas honeymoon packages to experience the amazing city of Las Vegas bustling with energy and entertainment.The December holidays are all about celebrations and having a merry time. TravelUR will make everything about the celebration part come true. Check out our various vacation packages to experience holidaying at its best during the biggest festive season of the year. Day 1 : Arrive at Las Vegas. Welcome to Las Vegas! As soon as you land, you will be greeted by our local representative who will assist you and transport you to your hotel. Check into your hotel and settle in. Rest of the day is at leisure. You can explore the property of your hotel and the surroundings or you could even take a double decker bus and get to see the city in all its glory as the night falls and the lights go on. The buildings or structures in Las Vegas are so huge that they seem a lot closer than they really are. So it’s recommended you take the public buses if you want to go gallivanting as you wouldn’t want to tire yourself out on Day 1 itself. That would be a shame. If you have opted for our Las Vegas tour package our tour guide will meet you in the lobby and you will be taken around the city as our guide shows you around and explains you all about the awe-inspiring city of Las Vegas. Head back to your luxurious hotel for your overnight stay.

The December holidays are all about celebrations and having a merry time. TravelUR will make everything about the celebration part come true. Check out our various vacation packages to experience holidaying at its best during the biggest festive season of the year.

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byAlma Abell

Eco-tours are regularly conducted in Borneo, as the island displays an interesting variety of plants and wildlife. The large island, which is located in the southwest Pacific, has the distinction of being the world’s third largest island. Only Greenland and New Guinea are bigger.

A Mountainous Terrain

Part of the Greater Sunda Islands, Borneo is surrounded by four seas. These waters include the South China Sea, the Sulu Sea, the Celebes Sea and the Java Sea. The Java Sea feet, and is the highest land area on the isle. This site alone makes Borneo holidays interesting getaways.

The Best Times to Explore the Island

In addition to the mountainous, rainforest terrain, Borneo is also defined by navigable streams, many of which are used for commerce and trade. Because the island rests on the equator, its weather is humid and hot. The seasons are divided into two main periods – the monsoonal period, which lasts from inches. Therefore, many Borneo holidays take place from April to September, during the summer period.

Eco-tourists are drawn to the tropical climate, flora, and fauna of this one-of-a-kind escape. That is because the flowers and plants on the island vary greatly. The forests are also known for being home to the tropical flower Rafflesia arnoldii, which is notably the largest flower in the world.

The proboscis monkey can also be found on Borneo, along with the orangutan, elephant, and gibbon. So, if you are seeking a tropical rainforest adventure, you will not be disappointed with this type of holiday escape. By going on a tour, you can better appreciate the scenery and become more acquainted with the natural wonders of this unique island locale.