What Is Bse Stock Screener?

What is BSE Stock Screener?


Alan McKnight

India as one of the various countries that boasts of a stock exchange with several companies from different sectors listed on it. In order to get the best companies that have put up their stocks for sale you will have to use India Stock Screener or Bombay Stock Screener for those companies listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE is the short form of Bombay Stock Exchange and it is the oldest stock exchange in the Asian continent having come into existence around 1875. This exchange has facilitated the corporate sector growth in India through providing an efficient platform for raising capital.


In terms of the number of companies listed in a specific exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange is the leader in the world with companies having surpassed 4,900. It is also the 5th most active exchange in the world in terms of the number of transactions that it handles through the electronic trading system. In terms of market capitalization, BSE is in the top ten of global exchanges. BSE is the second exchange in the world to have obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification and also the first in India as well as second in the world to have Information Security management System Standard BS 7799-2-2002 certification and this is because of their BSE Online Trading System denoted as BOLT. This exchange also has a website in different languages namely Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. The BSE today offers AMFI certification through Bombay Stock Exchange Training Institute for Mutual Fund Advisors. BSE also launched the PSU website and BSE IPO index successfully. BSE also undertakes corporate social responsibility initiatives with most of them concentrating on environment, education and health. The India Stock Screener is designed to be able to provide potential stock buyers with all the information on all the companies that are putting up their stocks for sale. The exchange has also been awarded the Golden Peacock Global CSR award by the World Council of Corporate Governance for its CSR activities. The exchange has also won other awards including the Annual Reports and Accounts of BSE in 2006 and 2007 and also the Human Resource Management at BSE. This screener will provide you with information of companies listed in all the exchanges in the country including the BSE. The BSE Stock Screener will only provide you with information on companies in Bombay who are putting up their stocks for sale.

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What is BSE Stock Screener?