March 19, 2018 · Skin Treatment

Three Ways to Reboot Your Skin This Fall!


David John

Eat nutritious food and see magic happen on your skin. Poolside cocktails and carnival corn dogs sends our blood sugar and gut in to a tail spin. Over production of insulin cause collagen damage, making wrinkles appear on our skin.

Bring balance to your diet this Fall by adding antioxidant rich food like kale, blueberries, grapefruit, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Antioxidants’ protects our skin from free radical damage. Adding almonds, avocado and fish all great sources of essential fatty acids and vitamin E act like natural skin moisturizers and help keep your skin moist giving it a healthy glow.

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Become a master on using exfoliation in your weekly skin routine. During the summer months we spend more time outdoors exposing our skin to the sun, the wind and other pollutants’ in the environment. Knowing ‘how” is as important as knowing “why” exfoliating is important, so we do not cause damage to our skin in an effort to keep it beautiful.

Exfoliating removes the old dead skin cells and speeds up cell renewal enabling new healthy skin cells to grow. As we age cellular turnover slows, causing excessive dead skin laying on the surface leading to dull, unhealthy, wrinkled skin. Enzymatic elimination of dead cells allows for cellular rejuvenation. Use a gentle non-abrasive exfoliant (no harsh chemicals or microbeads instead look for natural alternatives like locust bean husk, it is the same bean we eat in our vanilla bean ice-cream) that sloughs off dead cells and leaves your skin feeling vibrant and hydrated. Removing the dead skin cells also helps our natural face serums and natural skin moisturizers to absorb better and nourish the skin. With the changing season I also recommend adding a drop of high quality facial oil with ingredients like Argan, Marula, Rosemary, Lavender, Geranium, Gingko Biloba which is an intensive therapy boost for our skin, has aromatic stress-relieving properties and is a natural treatment for wrinkle.

Break a sweat and a healthy glow will show up on your face. Yes it’s true! We associate exercise with strong healthy bodies, but we forget that exercising is an excellent boost for radiant skin. As we exercise, our pores dilate letting the sweat clean the junk off our face. As an added bonus, exercising decreases stress which robs us of healthy skin. Go to the gym, sign up for a Pilates class or go for a hike. Your skin will thank you.

Our brand balances the very best in research and skincare science with the most carefully-curated ingredients – botanical extracts, pure, natural oils, powerful plant-based enzymes, cleansers and emollients that are proven to protect, purify and restore the skin. We advocate for adopting natural products for face care routines that not only make you look and feel good but are also good for you. Perhaps the best thing is that you don’t have to take our word for it, you will see and feel a difference in your skin.

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