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Hows your Black Friday post sales?

Black Friday marks the day you start doubling your daily rate of sales, for it ushers in the profit-generating holiday season.

I hope you reached, if not exceeded, your target sales.

If that wasnt the case, you can learn a thing or two from this article.

In addition to your hot deals, well-stocked inventory and reliable carrier service, see to it that your shopping cart is ready for the Black Friday bonanza.

That simply means do not give your customers any reason to abandon their shopping carts and deprive you of that sale which every seller covets.

Cart abandonment obstructs the upward movement of your sales on Black Friday, but if you look at it from a customers standpoint, you can keep it from happening.

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Why do Customers Abandon Their Carts?

Nobody wants a tedious checkout process, whether it involves filling out a long form or jumping from one page to another.

The easiest way to send your customers away to your competition is to ask them to register to your website before they can make a purchase.

Make your checkout flow customer-friendly by giving your customers the option to check out as a guest or as a registered member.

Another reason people abandon their carts is the page load time.

If it takes forever for your checkout page to load, whether on desktop or mobile devices, then buyers will opt for another site which loads faster.

According to eCommerce specialists, the cart abandonment rate on mobile devices in 2015 hit 76%, which was higher than the 70% abandonment rate on desktop.

That goes to show that majority of online shoppers use their phones or tablets to make a purchase.

Now that you know that for a fact, make sure youve got a responsive website design which automatically adopts itself to the users screen size.

Making Essential Info Available

Once a customer fills their shopping cart with items from your store, getting them to check these out doesnt take so much.

The fact that they were able to pick an item they like means that you did a great job preparing your products for Black Friday.

Next to spotting great deals, though, they want a clear return policy and shipping cost.

If they find out that you have hidden shipping charges, theyll be gone faster than you can say wait.

In order to gain a buyers trust and loyalty, you need to be transparent with this kind of information.

Aside from that, adding positive testimonials or customer feedback to your checkout page can help increase your sales, too.

The honest opinion both positive and negative of people who have actually used the products that you sell can strongly influence the purchasing decision of a new customer.

So roll out those customer reviews and see how they persuade online shoppers to spend in your store.

If all else fails, dont fret. Heed the advice of experts on cart recovery such as John of Cart Recover.

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