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Generally, Land surveyors are primarily associated with land and water boundary surveyors. In any building construction project, the services of a Land Surveyor has to be initially obtained. For example, before construction of a building or a house, it is essential to examine the land by a professional surveyor. In other words, check weather the property or land is suitable for construction.

Land surveyors not only have to work in office, but also in most conditions have to work in the field. They must be prepared to work in all conditions or situations. This implies, Land Surveyors profession is tough and needs commitment and dedication. Similarly, the Land Surveyor should associated with latest technology and modern equipment such as computer aided design software, Global Positioning Systems, digital photography, laptops, etc. As these equipments are expensive, they have to ensure these equipments do not get damaged due to bad handling and in rain or storm. Many Land surveyors work for construction companies, architectural and engineering consultancy firms, government institutions, private surveying firms and utility services.

Major duties of land surveyors include Land measurements, establishing boundaries, topographic surveys, legal documentation and documentation research, boundary dispute resolution, etc. Also, note Land Surveyors get specialized in oceanographic surveying, remote sensing using satellite technology, and computer aided mapping and photogrammetric surveys. A Land Surveyor usually establishes or check property boundaries by going through existing land survey plans including legal documents pertaining to the land. However, he has to prepare a new land survey plan by taking onsite measurement. Hence, he needs to find out the present condition of the land to check weather any disputes or any other property related problems that can occur in the future.

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Since, Land surveying involves lot of research work as well as field work, he should possess certain attributes to become land surveyor. For example, he should possess commitment and dedication, ability to work under pressure and difficult field conditions, working beyond normal hours, aptitude to learn new computer aided surveying skills, and essentially peoples skills. For anyone to become a surveyor, he or she should read a bachelors degree in Surveying and Mapping or in surveying technology. Besides the degree, he should have thorough knowledge in trigonometry, geometry, industrial mathematics, engineering mechanics and property law including various methodologies on surveying. To practice as a land surveyor, he must obtain a professional license from an accredited agency. In USA, this requirement may vary from state to state and jurisdictions. As such, many surveyors possess licensing from several states.

Hence, its important for a new surveyor to know the licensing requirements in the state he works. This information can be obtained from respective government department in the particular state.

As mentioned, primary duties of land surveyors involve researching legal boundaries of a land or property recorded in public and other related documents such as deeds, and maps. There are specific requirements to become a license surveyor.

First, one should have a formal education in Bachelor of Science approved by the state or 8-12 years of surveying experience. To get the license he or she has to get through two professional examinations. It is compulsory for a new surveyor to undergo stipulated period of training under a the supervision of a licensed surveyor to be eligible to sit for professional exams leading to license.

Also, the new surveyors should be physically fit and be able to walk long distances while carrying surveying equipment, Additionally, they should be prepared to work long hours in the field under varying weather.

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How To Review A Boat


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It is not easy to find a large review for the boat you are interested in because over the years there are so many builders designing thousands of attractive boats. It is almost impossible to find useful information about so many models because it s terribly time consuming and expensive. Usually, specialists compare the new boat with famous models, such as Bertram or Hatteras. Many people cant afford the best boat on the market, but they must know that a boat is an important investment and spend their money wisely, making the right choice.

The reviews help people to compare the boats, to avoid the worst choice. People must also find more about the quality and boat performances. It takes time to read the boat reviews, regardless the particular boat the buyer need. You need to find what makes a boat the owner nightmare. There are a great number of choices on the market; because a boat is really expensive, a research in vita; before the purchase. You must make a right judgment and avoid the subjective sources of advice. Some reviews offer only criticism; you must find the factors that make a boat reliable, strong and easy to maintain.

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Before purchasing a boat, try to find its strengths and weaknesses; almost all boats are looking good, especially the new models. There are two corporations to produce boats, Genmar and Brunswick. The numbers of distinct styles is growing constantly, despite the fact that boating is expensive and ask a lot of work for maintenance. A sophisticated boat in less expensive in our days, but it takes time and money to keep all the new features in very good conditions.

You must not feel overwhelmed by the number of problems and possibilities; take you time and make the necessary research to buy the right boat. Some possible issues may discourage you, but if you really like sealing, try to find a professional surveyor before your take the final decision. You can choose an old boat too; it is more affordable and can be clean enough and not fancy. There is a huge difference between cheap and inexpensive boats; you must find the best choice for you.

Here are some good boats; Catalina 22 has an n affordable price and high performances. It is a long lasting model, with all the advantages of high volume production. The Pearson 37 is a solid, single skin boat, capable of offshore sailing. The boat has full keels, wooden interior and furniture to the hull. The Mac Gregor 26 is also an inexpensive boat; it is a reliable boat, able of sailing at seven knots and powering at up to twenty knots. The Mac Gregor 26 has a traditional appearance and displaces 3,750 lbs. The boat is made of fiber glass and a strong and reliable structure.

Remember that the only way to review your future boat is to sail it. If you manage to sail for a few days you will have the chance to find more about your boat, its qualities and weaknesses.The Boat Reviews Website

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