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Backyard BBQ Birthday Party For Adults



Kids love to have birthday parties, but don\’t think that adults don\’t enjoy them just as much. The only real difference is that some adults decide early on that they don\’t necessarily want to keep celebrating growing older, and some ladies either stop telling their age, or what they tell you isn\’t exactly reliable. So they avoid having a birthday party, fearful that the truth may get flushed out in the open.

But some of us are like, what the heck, it\’s a good excuse for a party, and a backyard BBQ birthday party sounds like a great idea. You really can\’t mess one of these up, unless somebody doesn\’t know how to use the grill or a flash flood sets in. but a few suggestions never hurts, and may even make it a little better.

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Assuming you\’re going to have more than your next door neighbors over, you\’ve got to plan it ahead of time so everyone invited can plan accordingly. This means that rain won\’t mess it up (because you\’ve got a backup plan), and the cook has time to learn how to use the grill.

The following tips have been proven to be helpful for a backyard BBQ birthday party.

1) Plan on it raining. One of the reasons that Home Depot and Lowes carry large tents is for parties like this. So know where you need to go for renting a tent, and if it\’s questionable at all, go ahead and reserve it ahead of time. Otherwise, you could have the party at a park where they often have large covered picnic table areas that can hold a fairly large group. A park also accommodates games like badminton and croquet.

2) Prepare for some games. You may not particularly care for playing games, but a lot of adults do, and it\’s always fun to watch. Badminton and croquet are two good ones that don\’t require a great amount of practice to enjoy. You could also easily set up horse shoes, and if you\’re at a park, softball may be in order. You may be able to come up with some others, and a Google search will bring up more choices too. But having some already set up, and letting people know to come dressed accordingly, adds a lot to your party. If it rains you could be prepared to play bingo, and give away some prizes. You could also play trivial pursuit, and other related types of games where you have teams.

3) Food- Do whatever you feel like tackling, but I would suggest going with one of the basics. You could do hamburgers and hot dogs, or chicken, or possibly ribs, or you may want to do what a backyard BBQ I attended once did and that is to have everyone bring their own meat (many brought steaks), and you provide baked potato, salad, and drinks for everyone. Basically, do what you really want and can afford to do. But also keep in mind the possibility of rain, and have a backup plan just in case. Some grills can be easily moved under a porch roof, or under a tent.

4) Invitations- You\’ve got to send out some custom made invitations with the birthday girl or guys picture in it, a photo card. They are very popular for a reason. People like receiving them and they capture attention, which helps assure a good turnout. Just load the picture you want to use onto your computer for uploading into the template of your photo card, and go online to a web site that has the following key elements; photo card designs you like, good options and features, an easy to use ordering interface, and the latest technology. You get to pick every single aspect of your invitations; the card design, invitation wording, colors and fonts for printing. They\’re truly custom designed, and they always turn out remarkably well.

If you will follow these few simple suggestions your backyard BBQ birthday party will be a blast. You could even throw in a birthday photo book. Just be sure to take lots of pictures (so you have plenty to pick from), make notes for captions and text to add to your book, and get some help for this one. With three or four taking pictures, you\’ll be more likely to come up with some good ones, and it won\’t be too much of a strain on any one person. The same online site that you make your invitations on should be able to accommodate you on a photo book.

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