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Submitted by: Adrian Joele

We are constantly warned by commercials that our homes are full

of dangerous germs and they must be killed, resulting in the

addition of antiseptics in cleaning products.

But they can be more harmful than most of the germs they kill.

Cleaning products with the most fumes are generally the most

harmful, such as multi-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and

oven cleaners.

Use the proven safer cleaners, like pure soap or soap flakes

for washing dishes and clothes, or use environmentally-friendly

cleansers like Planet Ark, Nutrimetics, GNLD, Herbon or Tri Nature.

For cleaning windows, tubs and tiles, try vinegar and water.

For refrigerators, freezers, stainless steel, enamel, chrome and

laminex, use bicarb soda.


These chemical products are used to dissolve other substances.

Many solvents can cause health problems, like brain damage,

irth defects, miscarriage, asthma and cancer.

Long term exposure can cause progressive loss of memory and

affect learning ability and decision making.

Some people with multiple chemical sensitivity and/or chronic

fatigue syndrome are affected badly by solvents.

A study at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide found a connection

etween solvents and miscarriage. In fact the study found that

miscarriage is four times more likely if the woman has been

involved in home renovation or has visited factories with high

chemical pollution and 2 to 3 times more likely if the male partner has been exposed to strong glues, oven cleaners or oil-based paints.

Solvents are present in many household products, including

cleaning products,pesticides, liquid paper, marker pens,glues and paints.

Out gassing of volatile organic compounds.

Paints,plastics and particle boards in our homes can give off traces of toxic gasses for months and even years.

This out gassing is worse in winter when heating is on and windows

are shut.

VOCs out gas from large surface areas, painted walls, ceilings

and stained floors. Also from glued carpets, vinyls, shelves, furniture, particle boards and plastics.

Make sure that the house is always well ventilated and use paints and varnishes that dont out gas.

For floors use timber, tile and linoleum that out gas very little.

Buy solid timber furniture.

Avoid sources of formaldehyde gas, a potent irritant that affects

the respiratory system and can cause asthma.

It evaporates from the glue in particle board, plywood, synthetic

carpets, upholstery and sometimes wallpaper and some paints.

Non fluid combustion heating.

When a gas, kerosene or wood heater doesnt have a chimney,

its called non fluid. It results in pollution that is often far worse than outdoors pollution.

The toxic fumes from these heaters can cause symptoms simila

to throat infections and worsen sinus problems and asthma.

Reduce heating needs by dressing warmly and sleep with warm

edding ( electric blanket) .

Use electrical or fluid combustion heating and leave off when

not required. Even better, design your house for solar heating.

Insulate the home with wool, cellulose or polyester.

If non fluid combustion heaters must be used, make sure of

adequate ventilation.

Dry-cleaning clothing.

Dry-cleaning uses powerful solvents, like perchlorethylene, an

organochlorine, which in extreme cases can damage the liver,

kidneys and central nervous system.

After bringing home clothes from the dry cleaner, leave them outside,preferable in the sun for at least 24 hours.

Avoid synthetic clothing and wear natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, silk and mohair.

Fiberglass insulation.

Fiberglass can cause lung cancer in humans. Fibers with diameters

of less than 3 microns can reach the tiny air sacs in the lungs and remain there indefinitely, with the risk of a form of cancer similar to that caused by asbestos.

Every few years check the condition of the fiberglass.

Seek professional advice if the fiberglass crumbles to powder.

Lead exposure.

Lead is a heavy metal that can cause brain damage,specially in

children and during pregnancy.

The more common low-level poisoning can cause learning

difficulties, hyperactivity and less immunity to infections.

To avoid lead exposure, live well away from motor vehicle pollution, if possible.Take off shoes if there is flaking old paint to avoid bringing lead dust into the house. A hard floor is better than carpet.

Use a safe chemical stripper that emits less toxic fumes.

Have blood tests, especially for children, if you live near main roads and if your home has flaking old paint.

Industrial chemicals.

Factories that manufacture or use toxic chemicals have the greatest risk of exposure. What is known about the toxic effect has been discovered by studying their effects on workers in such factories.

Avoid working in any industry that uses toxic chemicals.

Ensure adequate ventilation when toxic chemicals are present

even for photocopiers and laser printers in offices.

We can make a difference by our everyday lifestyle choices,

ecause what we buy invents the future.

If we care about our personal health and the kind of planet we are

handing over to our children and grandchildren, it is worth to

contemplate about the things we purchase to create the type of world we like to live in.

For example, if more people bought organic grown food,it would

ecome cheaper and the need for pesticides could be reduced.

It would be good to join a group of people, for example a multi level marketing company or a lobby group which has the vision fo

a healthier and happier future.

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