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China Bicycle Industry Association data show that in 2009 total production of 76 million nationwide bike, down 13.2%, a decline most since 1996. In 2009, bicycles, electric bicycles, parts and components exports generally declined, total annual exports of 46.15 million bicycles, down 8.2%, the biggest drop since 1986.Industrial restructuring was a new bright spot in the 2010 industry. Recently, the 2010 CCTV network of the third electric bicycle Industry Development Summit Forum held in Tianjin. Bicycle Industry Association of China Super League at the forum pointed out that the horse, the electric bicycle industry, although the growth rate of 8% last year, but the market demand for large and did not change the situation, in 2010, the enterprise market positioning “accurate measure,” market segments “good bad”, will be the electric bike industry reshuffle, the critical point.

Super Ma said that in production, exports generally declined, while the adjustment of bicycle industry presents three highlights: First, increase the profitability of enterprises, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, 2009, above scale enterprises realized profits of 1.99 billion yuan, up 22.2 %, industry profits from the sale of 2.7% over the same period last year significantly increased to 3.2%, the industry’s overall profitability improved significantly. Second, the structure of exports has changed significantly. Mountain bike exports rose from 31% last year dropped to 17%, the proportion of other non bike exports rose 25% from the previous year to 40%, and the race type bike exports is 4 times the previous year. Third, the new changes in market demand, electric bicycle market in the domestic market, the focus of competition experienced by the product to the price, to product changes. In the export market, Central Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and other regions, developing countries rapid growth in imports, a potential new market.

It is reported that in December last year the beginning, bicycle industry exports pick up, producing a significant downward trend was reversed over one year only “double positive” growth. New year, renewed growth of the industry to further strengthen the momentum of this year, in January, bike exports reached 4.075 million, an increase of 21.4%. Electric bicycle export 39,000, an increase of 2.8%.Super horse that part of the enterprise because there is no core competence, dominance decreased, would soon be out of the market, is a foregone conclusion. A brand, quality advantages and strengths of the three channels of excellent enterprise, and overcapacity, price war, price competition in the enterprise will be the industry highlight of parting ways.

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Super Ma also disclosed that the state authorities will soon launch a new national standard revision. The new national standard amendment will follow the following basic principles: the new national standard to meet the requirements of state laws and regulations; new national standard should be beneficial to industry, leaving room for development; new national standard amendment is necessary to protect consumer interests and security; new national standard to recognized by the community.”In my estimation, the electric bike’s new national standard in 2010 may be introduced during the year. Electric bike and electric motorcycle new national standard of GB will be the turning point in industrial development in 2010. For each enterprise is concerned, I think that would be a exam, every electric bike companies go through a difficult road, but also the development of the road. “horse Super said.Bicycle China Bicycle Association Professional Committee of Lu Jinlong told reporters, government departments, the electric bicycle industry, academia and other sectors are revised for the new national standard efforts. The “two sessions” period, representatives and members to raise product standards for electric bicycles a lot of views.

The General Trend of Green Carbon

“The new national standard, whether published or how when introduced, the electric bicycle industry should be to develop low carbon economy and eco green products, guided by national policy, according to energy saving, low carbon low energy consumption, the basic requirements for safe, durable, enhance product development innovation and promote the use of lithium ion batteries, according to the national technical standards and product specifications of international markets, efforts to develop high quality, portable, booster type and hybrid type of electric bicycles, as well as multi functional, multi purpose products for electric vehicles to satisfy the market needs. “Tianjin Bicycle Industry Association, said Gong Xiaoyan so.

Gong Xiaoyan said that the current national annual sales of more than 2000 million electric vehicle products, although both low carbon energy saving and environment friendly green transportation products, compared with the international market demand, most electric bike product quality is not high, “carbon footprint” left more; most of the technical level of production is not high enough, production of materials and energy consumption of a larger development which is still far from the requirements of the green industry, the development of green industry has long way to go.

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