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Submitted by: Ishita Arora

Websites which developed are not all equal, having different features, different technology and serves various purposes, therefore, their costing are also varied according to the complexity and functionality of a particular design.

Web communities are always a concern with the going rate for web development costs and some of the best website development company is always up front about costing and will not charge much from the clients based on their income.

Cost is something which matters but the quality is the prime choice of any client; a website should be designed perfectly so that it can easily update by you in future and your quality will be maintained at an affordable cost.

If you need to make a website then dont go for an amateur developer, just invest little more and hire a best website development company which deliver all its experience and quality with each hour spent on making your website.

With the latest upcoming trend in website technology, companies have to update themselves accordingly as the latest demand is a responsive website which looks great on all devices, and every developer have to make sites mobile-friendly as per client demand and even Google has also included this mobile friendly feature to its new ranking factor list. So, that website should be made responsive and help in growing your business by driving more traffic to your site.

How much your website design cost? Is it fixed or hourly price?

As you are ready for making your website, there are few things that trouble you at the beginning and at the end too i.e. price and quality. Cost of the developing website will vary depending on the features added by an individual:-

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1. Hire a website developer:

A basic website design is created in the $1000-$3500 range. This website may not be an e-commerce website or would not enable you to update the web pages and content by yourself.

If you are ready to invest more you will probably get help in marketing your business, proper maintenance and made responsive using latest standards. For every website, the web analytics are provided to track your web success.

When you choose the right developer, right services, right technology from the start, you will be on your right way to developing a successful website. Few things are there on which you should not compromise for price:-

Domain Name

Web hosting company

Maintenance Plan

It is something you need to focus, before hiring the best website developing company. Unfortunately, costing your project with an exact budget is difficult until you describe your requirement to the particular website developer.

2. Fixed or Hourly price:

Projects are generally charged on an hourly basis or fixed price. Clients are more comfortable to pay a fixed amount for project work so that before proceeding with their project they know the full cost in advance.

But, this fixed price solution is mostly not preferable by a web developer; they find hourly basis price a better practical solution if the project is for a long term. If the client is paying an hourly fee of $30 or a fixed price of $1500, a website designer can earn an extra hour income, if the work is completed 10 hours before the expected time allotted. So, this may benefit a developer and you can gain more of this experience in freelancing.

However, you are not known with the challenges that you may face in designing before starting working on that. That is why cost may vary according to the time taken to fix the problem. It is favorable for both client and a developer to agree on a fixed price basis if any problem would interrupt then it would be an extra amount.

3. Know the Market Price:

Knowing the market price for website design work is needed and helps you in choosing the right procedure to raise your brand market value and target your audience for your business.

If you are starting out your business, you have to drop your products price initially in order to place your name on top in the market.

As demand for your business grows, your revenue will automatically increase and then you have to do promotions for your brand to attract more people and then your heavy investment will pay you back i.e. high return of investment.


If you are looking for a company before hiring and taking its entire past client reviews into consideration then why not you consider the cost. Web designers are no doubted putting all their efforts in making your website attractive but they will definitely demand a good amount in return and that would be hard to digest for a client.

If you are running your business on a large scale then dont compromise with cost if the question is of presenting your business brand to people.

About the Author: Ishita Arora has over 3 years Website Designing and Development experience & Digital Marketing expert at Sankalp Technology. We provide high quality services in Ecommerce, web hosting, design and development Marketing etc. For more info Visit Our Website:-


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By Jefferson Wark

What is the one thing that all business owners want? And, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you may have. It could be anything from fast food to a huge corporation.

More sales equal more leads! That pretty much sums it up.

And, what is it that we all do to try to get more sales and leads? Advertise. We advertise in newspapers, the Yellow Pages, magazines, radio stations, and, we even send out postcards. What do all these have in common? Very expensive and have a low ROI, ‘return on investment’.

You would think that with all the technology that we have today, we would be able to come up with a way to advertise 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a fairly low cost, and get a high response rate. Now, you’ve probably just said, “Yeah right, what’s this guy smoking?”

Now, we all know that advertising in newspapers, Yellow Pages, magazines, radio stations, and even sending out postcards seem to be a waste of money for what you get. But what else is there?

YouTube Preview Image

Well, there is something else out there. It’s better, it’s faster, and you have complete control of when you want to send out ads. Did you hear what I said? You have complete control. When you advertise in the other things that we’ve talked about, you do not have complete control.

Actually, you don’t have any control you’re at everybody else’s mercy.

For example, when you advertise in the Yellow Pages, you pay for your ad and it sits there until they come around for your next payment which is usually six months to a year. And magazines, you put your ad in and hopefully it will be in next month’s issue, maybe. Again, you have no control.

When you send out postcards, to make an offer. You take them all to the post office. You send them out in bulk mail which is very costly and you hope that people will read them, come to your store and buy something and not just being thrown out. How often are you doing that and how costly is that?

Now, some people use radio stations to advertise which is very costly, and you cannot just change the activity time that you want because of the expense.

With each of these ways to advertise your ROI, “return on investment’ is very low.

Now you may be saying, ‘I have a website and I’m using e-mail marketing to bring in clients.’ That’s good! Using the Internet is a great way to bring in some extra sales and leads, but let me give you a few facts, that you may or may not know about using your website and e-mail marketing.

Fact: only 30 to 35% of e-mails are being opened and read by clients or customers. So what’s happening with the 65 to 70% not opening your e-mail? That is money left on the table.

Fact: 98% of the websites that you see online do not bring in any money, whatsoever. There are reasons why business owner’s websites do not work, but that’s another story. I can talk to you about that, if you would like to contact me.

What I’m talking about is advertising at a fairly low cost, 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and, you having complete control. That means that if you want to run sales every day that are different, you could.

This is part one of the two part series. The second part will be explaining the type of advertising I am talking about. However, if you can’t wait for the second part and you want to find out right now, go to Mobile Marketing Maryland…

About the Author: Mobile marketing can help your business prosper. The cost is significantly less than other forms of advertising and very effective. Find out more by visiting


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Top 10 SEO Copywriting


Banani Mandal

I love testing and tracking to see what factors can improve or worsen a situation. So, it was only natural for me to track the moves of a little experiment I did involving SEO copywriting recently. I’ll gladly share my findings with you.

Before I do, however, I want to make a couple of things very clear. The outcome of this experiment will not be the same for every keyphrase on every page of every site. There are too many unknown factors at play in the overall SEO equation. Not to mention, all keyphrases are not the same, and all sites are not the same. In addition, this experiment takes no account of link popularity, which is a huge factor in achieving high rankings. With that said, let me show you how I took the home page of one of my sites – that didn’t even rank in the top 50 – and caused it to rank in the top 10.

First of all, I’m not a big fan of checking rankings on a regular basis. I don’t run ranking reports for all my sites to be sure they are all in the positions I want them in for every given keyphrase. I’ll do it from time to time just to satisfy my own occasional curiosity. This experiment began when I noticed the home page of one of my sites was ranking highly for a keyphrase that didn’t seem to appear anywhere in the text. Upon further investigation, I saw that the keyphrase was included in the ALT tags (a.k.a. image attribute tags) and that it was also included in the title tag.

I knew ALT tags previously carried a lot of weight with the engines, but had been downgraded in importance because site owners had badly abused the tag. Had ALT tags been reinstated in their level of importance? I decided to find out.

YouTube Preview Image

Keyword #1 was currently in the ALT tags and the title tag, so I decided to eliminate the keyword in the title tag. This would let me see if the ALT tags alone could hold the position in the search engine results pages (SERPs). To make things more interesting, I also decided to research and find a keyword that was a little more competitive and insert it into the title tag. On the same day I removed Keyword #1 from the title tag, I inserted Keyword #2. My home page was not ranked in the top 50 at that time for Keyword #2.

A few days later, the Googlebot came by and boosted my home page to position #18 for Keyword #2. Not bad! The page fell one spot (from #17 to #18) for Keyword #1 since the removal of the phrase from the title tag.

Keep in mind, these are not the most competitive keywords ever known. They each got between 100 to 200 searches a day. Also, the home page of this particular site had been (and still is) well ranked for years for other keyphrases and had a positive legacy with Google.

Five days later, Keyword #2 was moved up three notches to a ranking of #14 while Keyword #1 stayed the same. Things remained in their status quo for roughly 10 days and then began to shift again. Keyword #1, the original that was previously in both the ALT tags and the title tag, vanished completely. It was not found in the top 50. Keyword #2, that was only found in the title tag and nowhere else, dropped to position #25.

Four days later, Keyword #2 was back up in the rankings and was now at #16. To see if I could improve rankings further, I began to make small tweaks to the page attributes. I added Keyword #2 to the ALT tags (taking the places where Keyword #1 had once been), and I also added Keyword #2 to the body copy. The keyphrase was added to one, bold sub-headline and at three places within the body copy: none of which were above the fold. It was not added to any primary headlines that used tags, and no keyword density formula was followed for the body copy. No other pages on my site used this term as anchor text in links pointing to the home page. That gave the page keyword placement in the:

? Title tag

? ALT tags

? Body copy

Seven days later, the home page hit the top 10 for Keyword #2!

So, what does all this mean? Simple. There is no single primary factor in search engine rankings. It takes balance, testing and tracking to find out what works for your particular pages. Your best bet is to do exactly what I did? begin one step at a time and track your progress. Did something cause a positive movement? Keep it. If something causes a negative shift, take it out.

I’m not finished with this page yet. I’ll keep trying different things from time to time just to see what happens. Maybe I’ll add anchor text links from the internal pages to the home page. I might try writing articles with keyword-rich anchor text links to help boost the rankings more. There are many acceptable practices I can implement for this page (or any page) that will allow me to observe the shifts in ranking. As the old saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” A diversified approach to SEO copywriting that includes tags, copy and links is always a wise start down the road to top 10 rankings.

by SEO Copywriting Services

Banani Mandal has expertise in content writing.

Distributed by SEO Copywriting Services

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Top 10 SEO Copywriting


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By Chris Malta & Robin Cowie

While many online retailers cite auctions as an inventory source, most overlook


auctions as a resource for high-quality resale items. But if you sell products online, police auctions represent a tremendous opportunity for you to find all kinds of saleable products. Hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandise are auctioned off annually, and you can purchase many of those items at a tiny percentage of their retail value.

Exactly where do the goods at these auctions come from? Explains Bill Keck, founder of

, “Police auctions usually deal in property that’s been seized from criminals, or abandoned. The property is cataloged and held for a time; and then, periodically, the police department holds auctions to make it available to the public.” The type of merchandise you can find varies widely – from furniture to jewelry to electronics to vehicles. Although many of the items are unique, it’s not uncommon find bulk lots being auctioned off as well.

According to Keck, there are two types of police auctions: live and online. Each offers a different experience and set of benefits for the attendee.

YouTube Preview Image

Live auctions

involve fewer bidders, and provide a preview period during which you can examine the goods up-close, determine their condition, and identify lots you expect to have good resale value. Once you have that information, you can use your cell phone, laptop, or PDA to check the online product market. Look to see the market value, the level of demand, and the kind of competition you’ll be up against. Understanding this information allows you to develop a successful bidding strategy.

Online auctions

are easier to locate in advance than their live counterparts. They don’t involve opening bids, auctioneers trying to incite bids, or travel time or expenses. Many allow proxy bidding, which can save you even more time. And since you’re already online, doing your market research is a piece of cake.

The good news is that most police auction lots have no minimum bid (or reserve) attached. This leaves you room to find some high-margin deals. While a live auctioneer may try to open the bidding at a certain price-point, if no one responds, it will come down and continue coming down until someone jumps in.

The bad news is that police auctions aren’t well-publicized, so finding them can be a challenging task. Most police websites, if they include auction info at all, don’t update it frequently. Their next tier of advertising is usually the classified section of the newspaper. This lack of publicity makes these events difficult to track down; but it also means that, for those who find them, there won’t be a lot of competition running up the bids.

One option you have is to simply call your local police department (


911) and ask about upcoming auctions. You can also sign-up for a subscription service, like


, which will supply you with a centralized source of event information.

Police auctions take a decided effort to track down, but the value they offer more than makes it worthwhile. If you take the time to understand what you’re buying and what the value of those items is, you can find some very high-profit buys for your e-business. Says Keck, “Whether you’re looking to diversify your product line or just find high-margin items to resell, police auctions provide a unique opportunity to go outside the box and source some truly profitable products.”

About the Author: Product Sourcing Radio is Created and Hosted by Chris Malta and Robin Cowie of

, Home of OneSource: The Internet’s Largest Source of Genuine, Factory-Direct Wholesalers for online sellers.

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for more FREE E-Biz & Product Sourcing info!


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By SeanM Murphy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a message conveyed with the help of audio visual equipment must be infinitely more eloquent as it appeals to both auditory and visual senses. Audio visual equipment can bring a dull presentation to life. It can convey your idea in a crisp yet clear manner with the use of images, video clips, graphical representations etc. Audio visual props provide transparency to the topic you discuss and help the listener better understand and assimilate. The last decade has witnessed an incredible development in the audio visual technology and applications. The market is flooded with high end gadgets that bear the mark of cutting-edge technology. But very often, these equipments are highly expensive and buying them is not a practical proposition. Audio video equipment rentals can help address your audio visual technology needs by lending you the equipment on rent for short or long durations.

Different Types of Projectors

The first important requirement for an audio visual presentation is a projector. There are three basic types of projectors available in the market- CRT, LCD and DLP. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) projector operates like the old television sets. It mixes the basic red, blue and green lights and projects them through an arrangement of three lenses onto a flat surface to create an image. These projectors are ideal for commercial use because of their high clarity. Nevertheless, these projectors are expensive and difficult to maintain. That is why it is more convenient to get such a projector on rent instead of purchasing it for a big amount. You can approach an audio video equipment rentals company for a quotation for a CRT projector rental.

The LCD or Liquid Crystal Display projectors, project red, blue and green lights through a LCD panel and create images. However, each model of LCD projectors has different resolution. The rental charges of these projectors vary according their specifications.

The Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors control and reflect images with an array of tiny mirrors. They are ideal for educational and corporate presentations.

YouTube Preview Image

You would want to consider overhead projectors for large audiences – these projectors enlarge the image to a greater extent than others when it is reflected on the screen. People sitting at a distance find it easy to view the images that are larger in size.

Projector Screen

When you have a projector for you presentation, you will also need a screen where the image can be projected. These screens can be attached to the wall or mounted on tripods.

A/V Trolley

The next important requirement is an A/V trolley for mounting the projector, television set and other audio visual equipment.

Laptop or a PC

Computer based display is a popular way of delivering a presentation. This involves connecting a laptop or a PC to the projector and accessing the computer as the source of projection material.

Apart from these, you may also need microphones, laser pointers, remote control devices, CDs or DVDs for your presentation.

Many of these equipments are quite expensive and delicate, and their maintenance can be tedious and cumbersome. It is best to opt for audio video equipment rentals if your scheduled event is at a distance from your office. There is little benefit in transporting the fragile equipment outside the city or to a distant location.

About the Author: For more information on

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Ft Lauderdale computer rental

, contact a technology at Vernon Computer Source.


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