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By Kya Grace

Know what good health holds for everyone? A wealth that’s bonded with the body! It holds the secret to keeping f fit and casting a lasting impression on others without even saying a single word. But most people tend to overlook these benefits and get lured into what seems a tasty treat to the stomach. This in turn proves a costly barter.

The beginning of a disaster

The human body is a combination of various parts that work in synchrony for its smooth functioning. When such hasty food is consumed, it begins to take a toll on one or many parts. Slowly and steadily, the body begins to notice the difference. And who is to blame? The food. But not as much as you, for taking a hasty decision of consuming it. You begin to notice lowered immunity, fatigue and restlessness more often than before. This, in turn, piles up tension and fear of an upcoming disaster.

Effects on various organs

The human body is capable of resisting several ills, provided it is supported by its strong organs. With an over dosage of fast food, your organs too begin to notice a downfall. Believe it or not, but every single cell in the human body gets affected. The blood vessels, liver, kidney, and most importantly, the heart face a severe setback.

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Long term effects

The delicacies may seem tempting to the taste-buds. But, it’s only the taste-buds that enjoy the pleasure. All the other organs are adversely affected by this so called tantalizing food. This in turn leads to depression, fluctuating blood pressure levels and also diabetics.

How to avert a danger?

The most important step towards preventing this danger is self-resistance. It’s your self-resistance that will keep you from keeping up to your promises. Regular exercise is the secret to a good health and a great body. Consult a professional trainer who can guide you with a set of exercises and an apt way of doing them. Follow a regime of exercises and fix up a time for doing it. Early mornings are considered best for exercises. Get on your walking shoes and make morning walks a habit. Let freshness surround your senses. Soon, life will begin to notice the difference.

What else can you do?

Once you are regular at work-outs, you are half way close to your intentions of keeping fast food at a hand’s distance. Follow this routine with the right kind of food that needs to be consumed. Firstly, savor a host of fresh and juicy fruits. They are a rich source of vital vitamins and proteins essential for the body. Leafy salads are a good source of body essentials too. Also, savor nutritious food items like cereals and pulses as they satisfy the fiber requirements of the body. Avoid aerated beverages and other food items which have a high content of calories and fats.

The final message

Treat your body like a precious gift, as all its parts have special roles to play in your overall well being. If an over dose of fast food has a depreciating effect on any of the organ, the entire health cycle is affected. Live healthy; live better.

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