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Banks JohnstonThe risks and problems created by the upsurge of flooding for the UK in the last several years are a reality that everyone is learning to deal with in creative ways. Construction projects, especially those that include some type of paving, have sometimes been put on hold or scraped because the risk of additional flooding for surrounding areas with newly laid paving is too high – flooding that can cause additional problems and costs for the community that cannot be contemplated or approved. The most recent use of creative thinking to solve flooding problems from paving over land that currently supports adequate drainage involves what is called resin bound paving. The technique used for resin bound paving entails taking naturally formed aggregates dried in a kiln and thoroughly mixing them with a polyurethane resin compound which is then spread to cover the surface of the planed paving area. This mixture when spread to the correct thickness and allowed to cure forms a surface that is both porous and architecturally sound. With this technique, you end up with a hard, supportive surface that is actually more durable than tarmac, not susceptible to breaking down in higher temperatures. But while being solid and durable, its porous quality lets rain water soak down into the natural drainage beneath the surface, letting that seepage flow to the naturally occurring ground water and keeping flooding and erosion at bay on the surface. This technique is becoming more and more popular for its many applications, too – it’s not just for driveways, roads and parking lots. Resin bound paving can be used for patios and bike paths, pool surrounds and bus lanes, estate roads and school areas, gardening and landscaping devices, and most notably, tree pits. Creating a tree pit with resin bound aggregate provides a maintenance free surface that can be level with the sidewalk yet its porous capability means the tree is receiving the rain water moisture it needs to thrive. This technique is helping to beautify communities all throughout the UK. Resin bound aggregate surfaces are compliant with SuDS, or Sustainable urban Drainage System, regulations and this means you don’t have to apply for planning permission to use it in your construction plans. And the nature of the aggregates used for resin bound paving allows for color variation that can be used for decorative purposes like borders for your pool surround or patio, logos or business names for your parking areas, address designation for your driveway and just about any creative purpose you can imagine. Throughout the Surrey region, Garden World Construction is implementing resin bound aggregate for their residential and commercial construction projects giving clients the benefits of good looks as well as being environmentally responsible. As Resin bound paving Surrey experts, you can trust Garden World Construction with your Paving Surrey needs and know that they will consistently meet or exceed your expectations at every turn. You don’t have to give up your solid surface projects now – all you need to do is have Garden World Construction use their expertise with resin bound aggregate to pave your way.

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By Rebecca Welch

The ranch house floor plan is a shining example of the American Dream in its purest form. It was then, and remains today, the most widely built housing style ever seen in America. This house plan style had its heyday from 1949 to 1965 for several reasons.

Prevailing loan programs of the day made getting a home loan with no money down easier than it ever had been in previous years. Soldiers returning from World War II wanted to settle down and begin raising families. With the demand for homes at an all time high, the simple form and lack of detail made the ranch house floor plan much faster to build than a stately Tudor style home. Formal foyers and spiral staircases were discarded and replaced by level entries and single story plans.

The availability and increasing popularity of the automobile also defined the heyday of the ranch house floor plan. For the first time, the garage was moved to the front of the home. This was the first generation of home owners to have a highly prized freedom and mobility to work and shop in the city and then retreat to the suburbs to live. Because the suburbs removed the need to build houses close together, lots became increasingly larger and the square footage of the average house floor plan expanded accordingly. Ranch house floor plans generally accentuated the width of the lot.

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The informal lifestyle of California became popular as early as the late 1940s and magazines began to promote casual living as the ideal. Influences such as courtyards, patios and other Spanish colonial architectural details were embraced and played upon. What was known as the front porch or veranda, was moved from the front to the back of the house and heralded the arrival of a significant lifestyle change. Families now preferred the privacy of their back yard rather than sitting on the front porch watching traffic.

Americans believed that technological advances helped win the Second World War and launch was was to become known as the Space Age. Innovative designs such as the all electric home were supposed to make housework a thing of the past. Realizing the dream of space travel was on the horizon as well and home owners wanted a housing style that was reflective of the new modern era. Synthesized versions of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style ranch house floor plan became very popular in more well to do areas.

The ranch house floor plan was the American Dream in a box from the late 1940s to the mid 1960s. Sliding glass doors, kidney shaped swimming pools and back yard patios created a new informal way of entertaining guests. Though the ranch house floor plan was the embodiment of casual living, most homes of that era lacked architectural details that would make them memorable. By the 1970s, the ranch style house was replaced by the split level home with Colonial or English details.

The 1980s saw a reversal of the ranch house floor plan formula that included showy front entries with grand staircases and vaulted ceilings while the back of the house was left almost naked. The only remains of the ranch house floor plan today are the open floor plans, great rooms and hearth kitchens and the current popular trend of an outdoor room. All leftovers from the original ranch style housing era.

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byAlma Abell

How do you feel about skylights and a fireplace? Would you love to have those elements in your library? It is possible when you have your home custom built. Thus, you can decide where the fireplace will be positioned, if you will add built-in bookcases, how many skylights you want and more. When you have your very own library in your home, you invite learning and exploring. Thus, the kids will enjoy having a designated room to read their books for fun or study. Further, you will enjoy sitting next to the fireplace and reading as the natural light comes in from the skylights. The best Home Builder in Oshkosh WI can make all of this and more happen.

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Having a beautiful in-home library is only a dream for many people. That is because many older and newer homes have been built without them. For example, they may have a den, office and bedrooms, but there is no actual library. Thus, if you want an amazing library, it is smart to ask the consultant to add it to your design plans. He will go over everything with you. This includes, but is not limited to, the flow of the home, the flooring and the cabinetry in the library, kitchen and bathrooms. You will decide on the smallest and largest details.

Can you imagine what your finished home will look like? You can see it thanks to 3D software. The best Home Builder in Oshkosh WI will use the software to give you a virtual tour of what the finished home will look like. By taking the virtual tour, you can image yourself spending time in the family room and moving throughout the house. Perhaps, you will walk into your library and look at the large fireplace and then admire the skylights. Next, you may go into your kitchen and marvel at the open layout and how it flows into the dining room.

Choose Cypress Homes and Realty today. Talk to the consultant about the features you want in your custom home. Then tell him that you would like to take a virtual tour. He will be thrilled to hear that you want a custom home.

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By Peter Ekstrom

The main 9 reasons that will compel you to buy a home right now!

Everyone is preaching buy now when it comes to homes like a doomsday-sayer on a downtown corner street. Unlike Mayan calendar predictions though, there is a lot of sense in all of this buzz. It is going largely ignored however, understandably so given recent events. Lets delve into why you really need to consider buying a home now though, especially in the Queens area and Arverne by the Sea:

1. Low prices are the main reason of course. Yeah, yeah, you know prices are low. Its important to put it in perspective though. This bubble was more than a market correction, it was the ground dropping out and banks have to get rid of all of these homes. You really wont see prices this low ever again in your lifetime unless the housing market learned absolutely nothing and there are signs it did.

2. Interest rates are going to go back up very soon. This is especially true on more expensive homes, but for all homes it is just a matter of time before rates go up. Some areas have already seen them go up, and if you dont act soon you will be paying more money over a longer period of time.

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3. Interest rates are lower than ever. It is not only that they are going to go up soon, they go up and down occasionally of course, thats naturally. The main point is, in the last 50 years they have not been this low.

4. ARMs are lower than ever. This type of loan should only be used if you are certain you will have the money to pay and are confident rates are not going to balloon beyond your means. That said, if this is your preference (or only option) this is the best time to buy.

5. Down payments are also the lowest theyve been in decades. It is one of the main reasons many have trouble buying, they just cant come up with the down payment. Worse, another higher interest loan is taken out to cover this portion. Either way the actual down payment, like every other aspect of buying a home today, is at record lows.

6. Right now it is really easy. Not as easy as when banks were giving away home loans like candy, but the qualifications for buying a home are only going to become more difficult.

7. Many lenders are offering no-fee mortgages. They are waiving fees and points like mortgage loan generation fees bringing down the total cost even further.

8. Builders need to sell and are offering great incentives. These come in all forms. Builders simply built too many houses thinking prices and demand for these homes would last forever, now they need to sell them and will go to great lengths to do so.

9. Home owners who are selling the home themselves are becoming desperate to get the asset off their hands, meaning they are often willing to sell at a steal.

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By Gloria MacTaggart

The pH (power of hydrogen) factor is a term most of us have heard but which few understand the significance of as it relates to skin care. Calculated on a scale of one to 14, pH refers to the levels of acid or alkaline in a substance. Below seven is acidic, above is alkaline, and seven – the approximate optimum level for the body – is neutral. However, skin has a different pH and to avoid and treat dry skin, it is important to choose natural skin care treatment products that have the proper pH balance.

The pH of normal skin ranges from 4 to 6.5, which is slightly acidic. This acidic environment is referred to as the skin’s ‘acid mantle’. It contains a number of different acids including lactic acid, amino acids and free fatty acids. One of the major functions of the acid mantle is to protect the skin and body from the absorption of bacteria. As bacteria cannot survive in an acidic environment, maintaining the correct level of acidity is vital.

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If the acid mantle is disrupted, the skin also becomes more susceptible to damage. Although acid and alkaline are on opposite ends of the spectrum, either disrupts the pH and either can cause dry skin.

Alkaline stronger than pH 8 is very irritating to the skin and, unfortunately, the majority of skin care treatment products and household cleansers are far too alkaline. Most skin care soaps have a pH factor of 9 to 11 and many household cleansers range between 10 and 12. Oven cleaners come in around pH 13, which is why using rubber gloves is recommended. Some skin care treatment products are also too acidic. These products generally fall under the heading of peels and blemish or acne treatments and contain high concentrations of glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and so on.

When the acid mantle is disrupted by using skin care treatment that is too acid or alkaline, it takes about 14 hours for the skin to get back to normal. However, by that time we’ve usually used the products again so, in fact, the damage never really gets repaired. The result is apparently permanent dry skin.

Fortunately, the condition is not actually permanent and you can start improving it by reading product labels. Often a label will state the pH or describe the product as ‘pH balanced’ which is supposed to denote a pH that approximates that of the skin – although, to be certain, I would look for the number, not just the ‘pH balanced’ designation. Look for skin care treatment products that are between pH 4 and 7 and you will be on your way to preventing and treating dry skin.

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