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Lets face it, even with womens rights and movements so vocal about being anti-stereotype, virtually every woman aspires to be model-thin to fit beautifully into that simple yet elegant red sheath dress. Anybody who has been called a big fat momma would either scoff at it or just smirk and shrug it off. Others would even look at it as a comical way of expressing fondness. Consciously or unconsciously, the person at the receiving end of that label could be offended. It is this kind of labelling that stirs feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. Almost everyone wants to get away from big fat momma size to hot sexy mama size.

The first step to being sexy, most women would think, would be to go on a diet. Not necessarily so, since a lot of these diets more often than not end up in failure and frustration. The first step is to feeling sexy is to adopt a change in attitude. Instead of feeling forlorn about physical appearances, women should derive satisfaction from who they are inside. Concentrating on positive feelings of gratitude, hope, and love staves off negative feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and disappointment.

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When you have successfully worked on the inside, then you can work on the physical aspect which can be addressed by dieting. There are hundreds of diets available nowadays. Some are even devised to support the sale of supplementary pills, powders, drinks, snack bars, etc.. Choosing the right diet to loose weight should be done carefully and in consultation with a physician and a nutritionist. The wrong way of dieting can cause more harm than good. Frankly, anything that involves ingesting some form of pill, liquid, or food is something worth examining closely. While most components of these supplements are safe, some additives could potentially be harmful.

Diets can be matched with body metabolic processes. Some of the more popular ways of dieting for weight loss are: calorie counting (Weight Watchers), low carbohydrates (Atkins Diet), high protein diet (South Beach Diet), and sugar controlled (Glycemic Index Diet). Yet again, these diets should be done in consultation with a physician and a nutritionist. These diets are obviously not balanced and therefore do not provide the body all the nutrients it needs to function normally. Done the right way, any one of these diets could prove to be very effective in resulting in weight loss.

There are also diets that promote organics and other all-natural supplements to lose weight. These cleansing or detoxification diets aim for weight loss through natural means. Going on a diet of natural food from a prescribed food list combined with an herbal drink effectively flushes out toxins from the body resulting in better health and better body. Detoxification diets should only be done for short periods of time as it could dangerously strip the body of essential nutrients as well.

Being sexy is a state of mind. Even if you cannot fit into size 0 skinny jeans, you can look and feel sexy if you are healthy. Go on a diet for the right reasons. Eat healthy, exercise and adopt a positive frame of mind. When you have achieved a physically, mentally and psychologically balanced lifestyle, it is not hard to see the hot sexy mama staring at you when you stand in front of your bedroom mirror.

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