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byAlma Abell

A business litigation attorney is a legal professional that focuses his or her attention on representing the interests of businesses that find themselves involved in litigation.

When a person or a business entity enters in a civil suit the process is called “litigation.” There are numerous possibilities, anything from a class action suit for product liability to defending against a suit brought by a disgruntled employee to being sued by the IRS for an infringement of tax law. Large corporations usually have a legal department; a business litigation attorney will be an integral member of that group. The majority of companies will retain an independent business litigation attorney in Chicago when it becomes necessary.

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The role of the litigator:

Once hired by a client, the litigator represents the client who is either suing or defending in a civil action. It is the responsibility of the attorney to file the claim in the event the client is instigating a suit or responding to suit that has named the client as defendant. The litigator will write a brief that explains the facts in detail for the benefit of the court, cites the applicable law that supports the right to recover damages and case law that shows to the satisfaction of the court that recovery is warranted.

When an attorney is warranted:

Not every issue in business requires the intervention of an attorney, if you are considering entering into a lease for a commercial space this is something that can be done independently. On the other hand if you are faced with a situation that can end up costing your company a great of money is not handled properly, then a business litigation attorney in Chicago is an absolute must. It will prove to be in your best interest to engage the services of an experienced attorney, the legal fee will be more than offset by the damage it can do to the business.

Any time your business is faced with a situation that will put it in jeopardy you should consider consulting with a business litigation attorney in Chicago. You are invited to contact the Zimmerman Law Offices online at