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Rokai Kolam

According to a survey by a popular condom brand, people have sex at an average of 127 times a year. If thats a lot to you, try imaging how often people think about sex and how many times a year people indulge in self-gratification.

That being said, its common knowledge, as well as common sense, that people get tired of the same kind of thing time after time. Humans are creatures of variety, of diversity, and there are only so many positions one can do.

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Dont get us wrong, sex is great. Theres nothing wrong with it; it is a pleasurable activity we humans naturally do. Its part of our nature. But the key to continuous enjoyment is adding that extra oomph to it. And just like Simon says in American Idol, one doesnt just need to be good at singing, he or she has to have star quality or the wow factor.

Whats wrong in wanting better sex? Whats so bad in indulging in a bit of added fun? More and more people in the world are opening their minds to erotic toys, and its is an understatement that most, if not all of them, are more than satisfied with the results. There is a misconception that sex toys are only for the depraved, for those who cant seem to get laid, but this is a grossly unfair label. Did you know that in some countries, some womens groups encourage the use of erotic toys to help lonesome husbands and wives overcome the temptation of infidelity? This only proves that sex toys arent just for fun and games, but they have a social value as well.

There are whole lot of products to choose from, so its never going to get boring. You only need to spend a few dollars and have you and your partner have open minds, and youre ready to truly enjoy better sex for all its worth. From different kinds of dildosanal, g-spot, realisticto sex dolls and a wide array of stimulators and simulators, if you can imagine it, its probably just right out there on the market. Just think of all the combinations and variations available to you, whether youre alone or with a partnerits more than enough to blow your mind.

Remember this simple statement: Better sex isnt hard to find, as long as you have the right erotic toys in your arsenal. Using the right sex toys is bound to have you and your partner writhing and moaning in pleasure and wanting for more. And mind you, using erotic implements might also help you and your partner achieve a better understanding of each of your sexual needs, so theres that much needed sexual growth in the whole equation as well.

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