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By Athanasios G.

There are many diet programs and websites out there all touting their product as the best thing since sliced bread (sorry about that, but I could not resist). Anyway, the fat loss for idiots program, also known as the fat loss 4 idiots and fat loss for beginners program is the hottest diet on the internet today. I am usually very skeptical about diet programs that get a lot of press because I don’t go for fad diets. I did some research on my own and went to the various weight loss forums and did some looking around there. When people are not happy with a program, they are usually very vocal. I saw that there were many people who enjoyed success with the program and they all agreed that it was simple to follow and had no weird dietary requirements. I was convinced that this was something I could succeed at so I tried it out. Below are my conclusions based on my experience doing the fat loss for idiots diet.

First, I went to the fat loss for idiots website to download the program. As of this writing, you have two options; download the diet alone, or with the online calculator. I chose the complete package. I read the diet plan and using their online diet generator was able to create a customized day by day menu. I have to say that I really liked the idea that my every meal was spelled out clearly and included foods that I was able to choose from the food list. I should also mention that the diet favors simple, unprocessed foods without complicated recipes and weird ingredients so the meal preparation was really minimal. For me, this is a big plus. With many diets I was on previously, the daunting task of meal preparation and measuring and all that was a real drag, let me tell you. For those of you who work and commute, I have to say that the meals are portable and you don’t have to worry about heating things up so you can eat your meals anywhere.

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The basic structure of the fat loss for idiots diet is to eat 4 meals each day and space them about 2.5 to 3 hours apart. You are also expected to finish eating before 7:00PM. I have advocated these two ideas for a long time. The idea of having smaller meals evenly spaced apart serves several purposes. First and foremost, you are kept from getting really hungry and cheating on your diet. Not having that starving feeling really helps you lose weight. Second, by eating smaller meals more often stimulates your metabolism. Keeping your metabolism going is very important. If your metabolism stalls, your weight loss will stall with it. It is worth noting that many diet programs and websites tell you not to eat your last meal of the day late. This is good advice for any diet. If your body does not have time to burn these calories, it will store the excess as fat, something to avoid when you are on a diet.

Another main ingredient of the diet is the concept of changing food groups around. The diet generator on the fat loss for idiots website keeps your body off balance by varying the proteins and carbohydrates and fats. By constantly mixing the ratios, your body does not adapt to the changes fast enough and the weight loss does not stall. But does the diet work? Did it work for me?

I stuck with the entire 11 day fat loss for idiots diet plan and lost about 10 pounds. I did not exercise during this period. I was about 35lbs. overweight when I started the diet. I am very happy with the results. I plan on giving my body some time to adjust and soon I will generate a new diet on the fat loss for idiots website to continue my weight loss journey. I hope this article has helped you. In my bio, there are links to more information on this diet as well as a link to my personal weight loss website that has free articles on various weight loss topics. Please visit the fat loss for idiots article link for a quick rundown of the pros and cons. Thanks for reading and good luck!

About the Author: Mr. G. is a weight loss fanatic. He is passionate about weight loss and fitness. A long time trainer, he is back on track to his lowest weight. For more information on the diet we discussed above, click here:

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By Carolyn A Clayton

Domestic cleaning can be a real drag, especially after a long hard day at work. No one wants to come home to a messy house and spend all their spare time including weekends cleaning. But many women do as there is no one else is going to do it for them. But it doesn’t make any sense if your job or hourly rate is twice that of a cleaner. Most cleaners will only charge a minimum rate so if you have a half decent job outsourcing cleaning will make your life so much easier.

There was a time when women stayed home and their job was to clean and keep the home in good order. Now women are expected to go out to work and still keep their home tidy and clean. Luckily we have machines to help with these chores, but there still needs to be time and someone to push the hoover around and dust surfaces. Married couples or partners will have a joint income so it makes perfect sense to outsource this task rather than arguing over who should do what and when.

More and more people are working from home these days which means the last thing they want to be doing at the weekend is cleaning. Home workers need to get out as much as they can and not have to worry about doing the cleaning. This is when hiring a cleaner is really a necessity.

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Moving home is a time which creates a lot of dirt and dust. Once all your goods are loaded on the van, the last job is to give the house a bit of a hover and leave it presentable for the new occupiers. This is a good time to get the cleaners in. You may be sick of hovering the carpet and just want to get into your new home. But it is the decent thing to do to leave the property as clean as possible. This is especially true if you are moving from a rented accommodation. You can bet that when the landlord does a check and sees the place needs a good clean he will not want to do it himself. He will pay for a cleaner to come in and the cost will come out of your deposit. So if you want the full deposit back when you leave rented accommodation, leave it clean and presentable.

Business owners are another type of people who rely on cleaning companies. Their job is doing their business and not cleaning up after their staff. Most business owners and offices will have a regular cleaner in place.

When it comes to finding a suitable cleaning company, the best bet is asking around friends and neighbours and seeing if anyone can recommend one. If not you will have to do a bit of research yourself. The internet is great for searching for local companies and any legitimate company will have one. Always check to see if a website has a business address as many dodgy companies will not want to advertise their address. This can be said of all businesses and websites. If they have nothing to hide, their address will be there for everyone to view.

Check for testimonials and if they haven’t got any, ask for the company to supply one. If they care about their business they will make sure their cleaners do a good job and this will mean happy customers. Happy customers mean the service is good.

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A Review Of Eureka Canister Vacuum Cleaners


Robin OBrien

Eureka’s reputation was built upon its legendary, sturdy and powerful upright vacuum cleaners. In fact, so well known is Eureka for its uprights that many don’t know that Eureka also makes excellent canister vacuum cleaners. So, if you’re considering buying a canister vacuum, take a look at what Eureka has to offer.

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Canister vacuum cleaners offer one great advantage over upright vacuum cleaners; they are lighter to push around than uprights and offer greater cleaning reach for stairs, underneath furniture and awkward-to-get-at places. For this reason many of us prefer canister vacuums. But many, when thinking about ‘what is the best canister vacuum cleaner’, often think of Electrolux or Miele, whereas Eureka canister vacuums are often overlooked. This really is a missed opportunity as Eureka makes some of the best rated canister vacuum cleaners on the market and sometimes at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Take the Eureka 3684D canister vacuum. It’s powerful – thanks to a 12amp motor – and it comes with a blower port and great on-board tools. Like all good quality vacuum cleaners, Eureka 3684D comes with a HEPA filter. The wand is telescopic (a feature that most other leading brands lack) and is made from metal and not plastic; can you think of one other canister vacuum where the wand is made of metal? The Eureka 3684D canister vacuum also comes with a generous 20ft cord. But, the biggest plus about the 3684 vacuum is the Power Paw Stair Brush system. The Power Paw Stair Brush is a hand-held attachment that uses a powerful brush roll to suck up deep down dirt and pet hairs off stairs and upholstery better than other cleaning appliances. Eureka also makes the 972B canister vacuum. Admittedly, this vacuum is not as powerful as the Eureka 3684D and it doesn’t have as high a specification either. But its selling point is that it’s cheap and is a good mid-range canister vacuum. It has 11 amps of power, a 16ft cord (which is self-winding), steel telescopic wand (a cheap vacuum with a metal wand?). It weighs in at 10lbs, slightly heavier than the 3684D. If you have low-pile carpets, hardwood or tiled floors then the 972B will be adequate. If you have deep-pile carpets or other demanding surfaces then you should consider the 3684D or HP6855A, discussed below. In my opinion one of the best canister vacuum cleaners on the market today is the Eureka HP6855A. It has great visual appeal with sleek lines and a contoured profile. It weighs 20lbs, has a quick release system to allow you to detach the wand and attach the on-board tools quickly and easily, and comes with a headlight, so you can see what’s underneath the sofa each time you vacuum. The Eureka HP6855A is a very powerful vacuum cleaner and comes with Allergen Micron Filtration, which ensures that 100% of dust mites and grass pollen are retained inside the vacuum; in fact, all particles are kept locked in, down to anything that is fifteen times smaller than the width of a human hair. Like most other manufacturers, Eureka makes a broad range of canister vacuum cleaners; one to suit every purpose and budget. Whilst some Eureka vacuum cleaners do lag behind in terms of power, reliability and functionality of their competitors, the canister vacuums discussed above really do compare favourably with anything else on the market.

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Submitted by: Berry Castrey

Events like weddings, birthdays and nights out on the town all require special transportation in order to get all parties to the event on time. Since many of these events often involve alcohol consumption, it makes great sense to hire a professional to drive everyone around. It’s sort of like having a professional designated driver at your beck and call.

Proms are another event that can benefit from hiring a limousine service to take the celebrants around town so that they can concentrate on having fun and not have to pay attention to the road. Quinceaneras are another party situation that many hire a limousine for. These young people are often not old enough to have their own drivers license, so having someone drive them around all in one vehicle makes the celebration more meaningful.

Then there is Mother’s Day, that special day when you get to show your mother that you really do appreciate her for all that she has done for you. Making mother feel like a queen for a day can reap many rewards in the days to come. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female; you will most likely get your turn, one of these days to understand just what this special woman has done for you. Then maybe your children will do the same thing for you. After all, setting examples pays good dividends.

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Many corporations also take advantage of limousine services to carry their important clients around the cities they visit as they court their business. These corporations also show their appreciation for CEO’s and other important members of management, as they tour cities or trek between airports to their meeting places. They even offer these higher officials in the company these services so that they will not have to find their own way around unfamiliar cities.

Other options that are offered by limousine services are tours around interesting places or historical sites. Visitors to cities are always interested in learning new things about the areas they visit. A professional chauffeur is sure to understand the significance of knowing where to find the most fascinating sights that are unique to the territory they drive in. This adds more value for the money clients spend on the limousine service. It also means that the tip will most likely reflect the added service.

A professional chauffeur knows the best restaurants and the most exciting attractions of their city. They will be able to advise you about advertised as well as unadvertised events that you would be interested in. It is in the best interest of the limousine service to give you quality service during the time you are with them.

When you hire a chauffeured limousine service to do the driving for you, regardless if it is in an area you know well or a city that you have never visited before, you can depend on that service to get you where you want to go on time and safely every time. Now, that is value for your money.

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