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Calculating the Cost of a Christian Home Education


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Feeling called to provide your child with a Christian home education? Afraid to start because you think the monetary costs involved might be too high? Youre not alone. Many parents walk away from the joys of homeschooling simply because they dont have all the financial facts. When taking a closer look, however, you might be surprised to learn a Christian home education is actually more affordable than you think.

Some economists like Professor Clive Belfield of Queens College, a senior college of the City University of New York, estimate homeschooling costs $2,500 annually for the first child and slightly less for any additional children. However, many homeschooling families have proven that they are able to give their child a quality Christian home education for much less. For instance, five core subjects of Bible, math, science, language arts, history and geography in packaged K-12 curriculums can generally be purchased new for only $350 – $750 per child. Plus, curriculum costs can be cut even more if you purchase non-consumable material to reuse with younger children, homeschool with units designed for more than one child, exchange used books with other homeschoolers, and supplement expenses with free Internet and public library resources.

Belfields high figure also mistakenly factors in costs that replicate a public school environment within the home, such as having the newest computer, school-type furniture, or paying tutoring fees for assistance in advanced subjects. Though these extras are nice, they dont make or break the quality of your childs homeschool education. What makes homeschoolers outperform public school counterparts on todays ACT and SAT college entrance exams is the priceless, one-on-one attention a child receives to pursue interests and learn at his own pace.

Belfield also focuses on the loss of one parents income when citing homeschooling costs. Granted, not having a second paycheck would seem to be a huge factor; however, dont let this close the door on homeschooling for you just yet. What Belfield fails to mention is that much of the second wage money earned in a family is spent for child care, professional office attire, second car expenses, and convenience foods or eating out, since homemade meals are less frequent. Besides, creative homeschoolers have shown they can easily supplement their familys income through flexible work scheduling, home-based businesses, and work-at-home opportunities.

Choosing to give your child a Christian home education also eliminates costs for other hidden incidentals. Theres no need to buy an expensive, new wardrobe for your child in the fall when he heads back to school. Plus, school lunches and after-school care costs are removed to make homeschooling look even more economically inviting. Single income families also pay less in income taxes at years end and save more money on transportation expenses. In addition, who can put a price tag on the stress thats reduced when one parent is home to manage the household more effectively?

Considering the fact that a private Christian school tuition ranges between $4,000 – $10,000 per child per year, maybe its time you took a second look at the cost-effective option of homeschooling. Although it may be difficult to use an exact mathematical formula to calculate homeschoolings true cost, without a doubt, any investment in giving your child a Christian home education will provide eternal dividends that go far beyond dollars and cents.

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